The B Word – beauty

“Pretty is something you’re born with. But beautiful, that’s an equal opportunity adjective.”

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I’m not beautiful, I’m good. Nice chameleon eyes, thick hair – perfectly fine, sometimes cute. And when I do it up, attractive-plus. I got better lookingas I got older – weird, I know. In recent years I saw pictures of myself when I was twelve and I was shocked, I was fat! Nobody told me. And in my twenties I had a Dorothy Hamill do that was a don’t. But I had boyfriends, plenty and some way above my own pretty scale. I attribute this to my parents. Not always stable, mind you, I had a childhood racked with drama, but they adored me and told me I was amazing and fantastic. And I believed them… mostly.

My point is this, I had a healthy ego, a good sense of self, lots of male attention – both gay and straight -add to that years of acting, a stint in beauty school, a nice part-time beauty gig and I ended up knowing just how to make myself look good.

I can to do a smoky-eye and the right shade of pink or red lips and I know the power of Vegas showgirl lashes, even when you’re edgy with a quick wit and sharp tongue. And you can too. Everyone can, hence the catch fraise of our era – makeover. I prefer enhancement. I will teach some, show some and discover some awesome techniques to make us all look better and therefore feel better. Vanity is the new black, don’t hate it. Get acquainted and you’ll soon see how a healthy dose of vanity will add to your life experience and even enhance it.

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