As long as I’m encouraging self exposure… here’s a day in my life.

I work, I write, I sew, I cook, I garden, I make wire-wrapped jewelry… I even iron! The point is I never knew that being multi-talented in what I call homey-cozy, was a gift exclusive to Martha Stewart – mind you she is Super Woman.

My day starts at 6:30 a.m. when I scramble out the door to walk with an amazing, elderly 86 year-old woman. She needs it, I need it. Then, I walk faster on a treadmill with hand weights and a visit with the GMA gang for the latest in drivel. I dash home to clean chicken thighs or defrost salmon filets or prep the veggies and salad and start the soup, sauce or dressing for tonight’s fairly gourmet din-din. Hubby is at work with the beautiful dog and the fat cat is fed and back to bed. I throw in a wash-load and make a tea and a no gluten waffle (off gluten, dairy and sugar for a minute- ugh). I check emails, facebook, twitter, then write my articles, update my blogs, order skincare for my beauty business, call my mom, water the more than twenty house plants, pay bills and contact facial clients to confirm or make appointments. A quick tub with minerals from the Colorado Mountains and a French white clay masque and I’m out…

Either to the salon (Sublime Eyes on Sunset Blvd.) or to a private client where I set up a cozy bedroom spa experience and give the absolute best nurturing, therapeutic and age-defying facial they could ever ask for.  This day, I am wearing my wedding dress. That’s right, my cream colored heavy satin, looks-like-it-was-made-for-me in Paris but was bought-at-the-Goodwill-for-fifty-bucks wedding dress, that I was married in over six years ago. (See HUMP DAY) ninaAboutWeb

I spend time hanging with the salon owner/genius threader Angel Cisneros, whose artistic vision always slays me. We walk Sunset blvd. and he snaps pictures of me as I answer many strangers about my most special attire. “No I’m not a runaway bride! And yes it is what you think it is!” I do a facial on my new tall, strapping male client in my wedding dress and we laugh and he loves the treatment that much more. As I leave, I water the small cement, out-by-the-parking-lot-and-dumpster cactus and succulent garden I created for a feng shui abundance vibe and then…

I head home, stopping for needed treats and staples at the market. I imagine my husband’s mood and want for edible comfort and I fill in the blanks, daily. I then drag my equipment and food stash upstairs, kiss the furry princess, throw the clothes from the washer into the dryer and skip down the backstairs to water my urban garden oasis.

My neighbor looks out her window, sees me by the trash and runs down. “You look so beautiful I’m taking your picture!”  She does and then I scurry back upstairs, do my usual dinner-in-thirty-minutes of a grilled blue plate special or heating up this morning’s prepped lasagna or veggie soup. And when the hubby gets home and says without missing a beat or a smidgeon of apprehension, “hi my pretty bride,” it is a perfect moment.

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