It seems to me that in the last fifteen years, much of the psychological damage causing plenty of acting out, depression, angst and anxiety disorders, stems from simply not being seen and heard, by one’s parents or other significant family members, friends, teachers, colleagues, peers, bosses, lovers, spouses, crushes, and besties, during impressionable years and vulnerable times when acceptance and acknowledgement was needed. I feel it’s never too late to find self love and flaunt it. So, I created bewitnessed.net to share and encourage stories and experiences that will bring attention to all who want to get involved.

To be witnessed is a powerful, powerful thing. It gives recognition, confidence and joy, or at least relevance. To feel invisible almost always causes pain. I’ve experienced being unseen in different areas of my life and that alone has brought me the most discomfort.

I want to play show and tell here, with many fantastic people I already know and hopefully lots of new ones. And because my world has been about performance, writing, beauty and helping others, I will start there.

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